The weight is over!

Susan Escott

Health and Wellness Coach

Lose weight without losing your mind!

There's a secret behind achieving and maintaining weight loss

Years and years of extreme dieting and weight gains left me with a body that was intent on storing fat reserves for the next famine.

I signed up with  numerous experts in nutrition and exercise yet I didn’t achieve the results they promised.

They doubted my conviction and consistency – which left me devastated and depressed.

I reached the point where I was morbidly obese and heading towards an early grave.

As a last resort I had weight loss surgery – yet the surgeon informed me this still wasn’t going to give me long term results.

I was disheartened but not ready to give up.

I knew there had to be something missing from the formula. 

I conducted my own research and finally found the secret ingredients. 

Four years on I am fitter and healthier in my fifties than I was in my twenties. I am maintaining a healthy weight and there is no turning back.  

And now you can share in this formula …

You can get access to my unique health and wellness program, including a toolkit packed with actions and examples. 

You can gain clarity and confidence to ensure you can become fitter, stronger healthier and happier.

Become the best version of you…

Losing weight is lonely.

Some say nothing worth having comes easy.

Achieving and maintaining weight loss for so many of us doesn’t come easy – it seems impossible.

It is not easy to succeed on a generic weight loss program.

We are not all built the same.

With support, from someone who’s been there, who understands, you have a greater chance of building foundations to ensure long term success.

No two weight loss journeys are the same.

I understand the struggle to maintain a healthy weight.

I lived on the weight loss and gain roller coaster for over thirty years. 

As a teenager I suffered abuse which lead me on a path of self destruction.  

My abuser told me I had a beautiful body and to watch what I ate.

That gave me two reasons to binge eat

Control – the power I gained by making myself unattractive to him was wonderful.

Comfort – I would binge eat in private as a means to deal with the inner demons.

The weight would creep on which lead to disgust and disappointment. 

So I would eat more.

Every now and then I would stop this this behaviour.  I would then do anything in my power to lose those extra kilos.

I would starve my body.  Being average weight it didn’t occur to doctors that I was anorexic, yet I had all the symptoms.

Each time I lost the weight and became ‘attractive’ again the demons would return and I would unconsciously strive to put it all back on again, and more…. 

The damage this yo-yo dieting effected on my body and my psyche was devastating.

In 2016 I contracted a virus that escalated into a heart condition, likely aided by damage previously inflicted through my eating disorders.

I no longer possessed the strength to raise my arms to wash my hair.
I couldn’t bend over to tie my shoes without passing out.

I put on more weight as I was unable to move or breath and I was feeling despondent.
I was diagnosed as morbidly obese.
I was only 47 years old, yet my grandfather had died of a heart attack at the same age.


I had to find a way to lose 50kgs.

I was left with no choice but to sign up for weight loss surgery.

The surgeon explained this was not a cure. He could only guarantee a loss of 20 – 30kgs and after that I would have to find a way to continue on my weight loss mission.

I was determined. 

I wasn’t ready to give up. 

I had too much to live for.

I had the surgery BUT

I was angry.

I wasn’t a big eater. 

I had been exercising. 

I only drank water. 

I didn’t smoke. 

I felt I had already been through so much and this wasn’t fair.

I knew that to keep the weight off long term I had to find another solution.

I researched, looking beyond exercise and nutrition.

I sought out the best coaches and mentors to ensure that this time I succeeded, and

I finally found the secret ingredient. 

Four years on I am fitter and healthier in my fifties than I was in my twenties. I am maintaining a healthy weight and there is no turning back. 

And now I want to share my formula ….

An Olympian doesn’t win gold without a coach so why should we expect to achieve our goals without support?

You don’t have to do this on your own.

What qualifies me to work with you to achieve your goals?

I seem to have stunned a few people when I’ve told them that I have become a health coach. 😱

Because to them, I don’t fit into the definition people think of when they hear the term, Health Coach. Especially since these days the term is being thrown around rather freely.

I’m no Tony Robbins seeking to jump around on stage in front of a large crowd. I’m not super thin or fit. I’m not a personal trainer or nutritionist and I’m definitely no bikini model. 🤣

So what do I have to offer? What made me think I could pull this off?

To me, it made perfect sense. It seemed like the natural progression. I love people. I love to listen to them, and talk with them. I love trying to help solve problems.

I also know what it feels like to be stuck in a body that you hate.
I know what it feels like to go past a shop window and admire an outfit but walk on as the last thing you feel like doing is looking at yourself in the mirror.
I know what it feels like to not want to eat in public in case someone is making judgement.

I was on a roller coaster or weight gains and losses over a thirty year period and reached the point where I was classified as morbidly obese.

I could have easily stayed in the same rut and I’d likely be dead by now.

I refused to go down without a fight though. Yet I felt helpless. I had tried almost every weight loss program, all the fad diets, and attempted all sorts of exercise programs. None of it was working so I did my own study and sought further guidance and support.

And now I want to share it with others to spare them some of my pain and wrong turns. As someone who has been there, done that, and can be their accountability partner. I figure I might just be what someone needs to support them on their journey, and isn’t that what being a coach is all about? 💕

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I’ve done it! I’ve created a live event for next Thursday in a Facebook group. 😬 I plan to speak LIVE for twenty minutes which I thought would be difficult but I ran through my content this morning and only reached the end of my intro by the 15 minute mark. Good thing I have a week to go to refocus 🤣 #facebooklive #followingtheprocess #steppingup #buildingconfidence #icandothis #itseasywhenyoulovewhatyoudo ...

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It’s a dark and gloomy day today with a declaration of a 100% chance of rain.

I was going to take the dogs for a walk but the rain looked to be about to fall - so instead I sat and ate my breakfast in silence. Preparing for a big week ahead.

I made a huge commitment to my coach and in turn myself. To go live on her program July 1. It’s a dauntingly monumental move. She’s an amazingly inspirational woman, and this is a huge opportunity for me.

I have turned down other presenting opportunities as I am petrified of doing a live feed. I cannot stand to have eyes on me. So this is truly very scary and hopefully the start of something new.

Of course I’ve known about this for almost a month and yet barely put anything together as the urgency wasn’t there. So I am committing myself, heart and soul, to the process and kicking that urgency level up a notch - amongst my other scheduled commitments of course…

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Took the dogs for a quick run before a day of training yesterday and we were chased by a Jack Russell. I got jostled around a bit by the dogs and it looks like I’ve pulled a tendon in my hip. Woke up in [email protected] in the middle of the night. Went to physio and he said “Don’t run” I answered “until?” His response “how does forever sound?” 🤣😂🤣 left him and went for a walk as I felt fine as I’d had pain relief. Within two hours though it was really really hurting. 😵‍💫. One day I’ll learn. ...

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Have a friend of over 35 years staying this weekend. We were reminiscing last night and I tried to find a photo I had seen on social media and came across this one in my feed. Almost twelve months to the day I have posted a similar photo on my social media. 😱. Think I might have to change up my game. 😬. The cat was sitting beside me like this again this morning. One foot on my leg. The pants are more pilled in the recent shot but they are now three years old. #gottagetoutmore #needtochangeitup #comfortablyhappy #lifeisgood #notchangingweight ...

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This is the life! Enjoying the long weekend on the river. Family, food and fires! 🔥🔥 ...

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Yesterday was cold and miserable. 🥶

Instead of taking the dogs for a run I tried to run on the treadmill. 200m in I was exhausted.

I realised the weather was setting off my asthma so I started pumping in the Ventolin to see if I could continue. 😮‍💨

I managed to get 2.5kms done at a good walking and jogging pace but the rest of the day felt the effects.

I find aerobic workouts are a double edged sword. They feel insurmountable when I’m struggling to breathe yet they really help clear the gunk off my chest. 🫁

The medication then causes sleeplessness so at 1am I was still wide awake. 👀 So no workout this morning.

I know I’m not going to die and the world isn’t going to fall down around me if I miss a session but the guilt lingers. Ah mindset you fickle thing.

The sun came out in time for my lunchtime walk so it was cold and brisk but most enjoyable in my bright fleecy leggings. 🏃🏼

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Completed my first ‘real’ chest/back workout since injuring my shoulder. 🏋️

Reduced the weights back to one kg and worked instead on repetitions and form. 💪🏼

After so much time with limited movement and weight bearing it was a good feeling to be doing the weights and no pain! 🙌🏼

My usual routine is 🏃🏼running Monday, Wednesday and Friday and then 🏋️gym Tuesday, and Thursday (and sometimes Saturday). Tuesday’s is chest/back and Thursday is leg day. 😩

If I’m not doing much else on a Saturday I will revisit the chest/back workout. If I’m doing a ‘big’ house clean I find I can get up my aerobic rate and do weights at the same time.

Knowing I need more movement to stay fit I now make a workout out of all minor housekeeping tasks - squats whilst making the bed 🛌 , brushing the teeth 🦷 , hanging washing👗 and stacking the dishwasher🧫 are examples. 🏋️. #squats #workingoutathome #weightstraining #repetitionworks

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I promised I’d be faster and I was!

I had envisioned that would mean running further and walking less but instead I ran faster and then walked further.🏃🏼

I felt more comfortable in my stride today, smoother, not so stiff, and for the first time my right thigh didn’t complain. 🙌🏼

My usual walk/ run with the dogs is 3.86kms and so this new short circuit running is aimed at assisting me to pick up my speed. And it’s working. 🐕

My goal is to run the whole distance then revert back to the old circuit and keep building.

One day hopefully I will once again be running 5kms like I did as a teenager. 💪🏼


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Decided to do a shorter and more intense run to see how fast I could go and for how long. 
Used Nike run club instead of usual metering. It doesn’t give splits but tells you as you’re running.  Set it to 2.2km which means I was able to run almost to Racecourse Rd and then turn back. 
I was averaging 7.43’ before I stopped to say hi to someone- then was doing 7.58’ on the return leg until I got home and walked slowly on the last bit on the phone to son as he was trying to find me.

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Sitting in the dark - having sat through a webinar that commenced at 5am.

It’s amazing how you will do something if it really means something to you.

I stumbled across a non-diet approach to weight loss online and then received some great information and learnings. Then the invite came for a free webinar at 5am and I thought there’s no way I’m getting out of bed on a cold winters morning for that!

But somehow I went ahead and signed up anyway...

Then I thought about it last night but refrained from setting an alarm.

Sure enough at 4.45am I was wide awake!

I closed my eyes to go back to sleep and did... until 4.58.

So I got up, threw on my dressing gown and ugg boots and cuddled on the couch to watch some of the most insightful learnings I’ve had about dieting - or non-dieting.

If it’s meant to be it will happen... #nondietapproach #coachinghealth #healthyeating #intuitiveeating

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So often we lose track of the ‘Why’. It’s good to sit back and remember what we seek to achieve and why. It can often make the journey more palatable or even enjoyable. When I find it hard to hit the gym in the morning I visualise how I felt when I was sick and remind myself I can’t go back. #livingmybestlife #noturningback #visualisetheendresult ...

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I have a 🐕 with a sore paw 🐾 at the moment so can’t go running as he gets upset.

Instead I have devoted way too much time battling with technology and techs in the last two days 🤯.

Setting up new computer and couldn’t import my Microsoft 365 accounts.

The Microsoft chat tech, Patrick, told me to calm down and he would fix everything (tried to sound like a knight in shining armour). At the time I was very calm so I asked why he thought I was not and he said it was the rate I was typing. I explained I can actually type fast all the time.

He was surprised - then replied of course. He was also surprised by how busy my desktop was - had never seen folders on google bookmarks bar. Turned out I knew more than misogynistic Patrick and had to let him go.

Sure enough equally misogynistic Hank from GoDaddy couldn’t help either (as admin of my M365 emails) “golly gosh you’re in a bit of a pickle then aren’t you?”

So I fixed it myself. So far so good 🙌🏼.

Sometimes there are going to be men in tech who believe a woman should not try this at home! 🤣😂

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